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Ξύλινος σφιγκτήρας όρχεων

SKU: 7703

Φετιχιστικό αξεσουαρ - Ξύλινος σφιγκτήρας όρχεων - για τον απολυτο περιορισμό των κινησεων του σκλαβου σας

Fetish Testicles pillory for limited mobility. | Ball Stretcher | Testicles pillory | BDSM Fetish accessories | Sexshopcyprus
This is a real bdsm accessory - Testicles pillory - provides limited mobility and thrilling defencelessness - a must-have for every bondage fan! All pillories are made of solid wood, lacquered black. With leather strap hinges and Velcro fasteners. Testicles pillory | BDSM Fetish accessories | Sexshopcyprus
Testicles pillory details and characteristic

  • Colour- black
  • Dimentions 34 x 5 x 3 cm.
  • Length- 34 cm
  • Width- 5 cm
  • Height- 3 cm
  • Find enclosed two adjustable screws.
  • Material- Massive solid wood

Manufacturer- You2Toys Fetish and BDSM Germany

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