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Vibrating Orgasm Balls

SKU: 5805

Vibrating Orgasm Balls

For an earth shattering orgasmic experience, these erotic vibrating ben wa balls will take you on a mind-blowing journey to orgasm town!

Ben wa balls have been a Geisha secret for ages but Seven Creations has put an erotic spin on this old favorite. These erotic balls feature a multi-speed vibration designed to send you on a stimulating ride while your pelvic floor gets a rocking work out. You’ll be left breathless and your partner will notice your tighter vagina. Exercise your pelvic floor with pleasure with the Seven Creations Vibrating Ben Wa Balls.

These Vibrating Orgasm Balls features include:

  •     Vibrating for extra pleasure
  •     Multi-speed
  •     Dual Stimulator
  •     Unisex
  •     Color: White
  •     2 AA Batteries included
  •     40 cm long hygienic cable
  •     Diameter of the 2 balls 3 cm

Manufacturer:  Seven Creations

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