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Προφυλακτικά Pleasure Mix Condom σέ συσκευασία των 50

SKU: 5949

Σε συσκευασία των 50 προφυλακτικων προιον του Γερμανικου κολοσσου Fun Factory Pleasure Mix Condom Pack of 50

50 υψηλής ποιοτητας προφυλακτικα απο 5 διαφορετικα μοντελα

Η συσκευασία περιλαμβανει τα εξης

  • Ribbed: tube fit and ribbed
  • Pearl: tube fit and studded
  • Black Pearl: tube fit, studded and black
  • Sensation: contoured, studded and ribbed
  • Pink Sensation:  contoured, studded, ribbed and pink

Key Features:

  • Shape: contoured or tube fit
  • Colors: transparent, black, pink
  • Flavorless
  • FUN & safety guaranteed
  • Size: 52 mm wide, 180 mm long
  • Lubricant: wet

Each Fun Factory condom is German-made from the highest quality natural rubber latex and stands for comfort, safety and enjoyment – whatever your game.
Manufactured by the CPR GmbH – the largest condom manufacturer in Europe with headquarters in Sarstedt near Hannover in Lower Saxony.


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