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Granny Travel Size Inflatable Love Doll

SKU: 5554

Granny Travel Size Inflatable Love Doll

Who said Beauty comes with age?
Wrinkles, saggy tits and broken hips are more like it! Unlike most grannys who knit and bake, this golden oldie has just one thing in her mind - SEX!

Just be gentle with the old bag and make sure you have her home in time for Bingo!

This is the perfect gift for just about any occasion. Whether you need something for a bachelor, recent grad or just to put a smile on the face of someone special, this tiny toy is ready to go as soon as she has been inflated. Standing only 26 inches tall, the Travel Size Granny Inflatable Love Doll is ready to travel with you no matter where you go.

Give a gift that is sure to be remembered long after your next party.

Manufacturer: Pipedream

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