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Fun Factory 10 Προφυλακτικά μέ διάφορες γεύσεις καί χρώματα

SKU: 7160

Fun Factory Προφυλακτικά μέ διαφορετικές γεύσεις καί χρώματα σε συσκευασία των 10

  • Γεύσεις- 2 x Φραουλα, 2 x Tutti Frutti, 2 x Μπανάνα, 2 x Μέντα and 2 x Σοκολάτα
  • Χρωματισμοί - Κόκκινο, Μπλέ, Κιτρινο και μαύρο

Fun Factoy Color Moments - A tasty mix of condoms - pack of 10
Safe sex has never been so awesome – guaranteed!
The premium grade Color Moments condoms come in different arousing flavors and feel-good colors for an extra portion of FUN and variety during safe sex. Even in combination with your favorite toy, these condoms make absolute sense to heighten your enjoyment in solo sex and send your senses on a deliciously satisfying ride.
Made from natural rubber latex, each and every Fun Factory condom is made in Germany and safe and ready for all kinds of FUN and games imaginable.

Key Features:

  • Flavors: 2 x Strawberry, 2 x Tutti Frutti, 2 x Banana, 2 x Mint and 2 x Chocolate
  • Colors: red, blue, yellow, green and black
  • Texture: smooth
  • Made from natural rubber latex
  • Tube fit
  • FUN & safety guaranteed
  • Size: 52mm wide, 180mm long,        
  • 0.06 – 0.07mm thin
  • Lubricated

Fun Factory condoms are manufactured by the CPR GmbH – the largest condom manufacturer in Europe with headquarters in Sarstedt near Hannover in Lower Saxony.

Manufacturer:  Fun Factory

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